ByteBlower GUI version 2.4
Posted by Mathieu Strubbe, Last modified by Tom Ghyselinck on 06 April 2017 10:21 AM

GUI version 2.4 features a wide range of improvements. A lot has been improved in the reports and the user experience has become even smoother. TCP charts and also the Latency charts in the reports contain much more valuable information now. The CSV and XLS reports contain detailed new Latency Results over Time tables. Also, throughout the entire GUI, the amount of required mouse clicks has been reduced, for increased ease of use. Below is a detailed overview of all enhancements.


ByteBlower GUI 2.4 is no longer available for download. Please contact our support desk if you think you need this specific version.

Changelog 2.4.4

  • User Interface
    • In the Frame View, new UDP and TCP Frames now have src port and dst port 4096 instead of 1024.
    • In the Frame View, the maximum allowed Frame Size is now 9000 bytes.
    • In the Port Forwarding View, the default Port Mapping is now 4096 to 4096 instead of 1024 to 1024.
    • Flexible IP address editing in the Port View. While editing, impossible values are allowed, but displayed in red.
  • Reporting
    • Mentioning Bitrate instead of Throughput.

Changelog 2.4.0

  • User Interface
    • Added shortcuts to create new items. For example, from within the Scenario View, you can now create new Flows when needed. This functionality has been introduced throughout the entire GUI.
    • When creating new Scenarios, one action is automatically added as well, reducing the amount of required mouse clicks. Similar features have been introduced throughout the entire GUI.
    • A default project name and author is now suggested when creating a new project.
    • In the Port View and in the Server View, the exact location where a ByteBlower Port has been docked is now displayed.
    • In the Server View, you can now start ByteBlower servers remotely, and also run the support tool.
    • New notification when an update is available for a ByteBlower Server.
  • Reporting
    • The charts with TCP results over time contain much more information now: Throughput, Goodput, Round Trip Time, Congestion Window and Receive Window.
    • The charts with aggregate TCP RX results over time contain much more detail now: The RX throughput contributed by each flow is now visualized for each port.
    • The CSV and XLS reports now contain new tables, displaying detailed Latency Results over Time.
    • On top of the average latency, the Latency charts now also show the minimum and the maximum latency over time, along with the jitter.
  • Runtime
    • When doing latency measurements, UDP checksums are now ignored. We introduced this as a workaround for a known bug in ByteBlower Server hardware.
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