ByteBlower Server 2.4 changelog
Posted by Tom Ghyselinck, Last modified by Tom Ghyselinck on 19 October 2016 03:56 PM



  • TCP: Improved performance behind devices which perform TCP Ack Suppression.


  • TCP: Fixed long delays after retransmission timeout.



  • TCP: Improved/faster loss recovery.
  • TCP: Rate limiting is less bursty.
  • 4100/3100 series: Improved performance of protocol stack for tests from trunking to trunking interfaces.


  • 2x00/3100/4100 series: Fixing crashes during application shutdown.
  • Fixed possible assertion failure in TCP.



  • 2x00/4x00: Add support for 2100 series generation 3 and 4100 series generation 2 server hardware.




  • 2x00 series: Improved performance for protocol stack.
  • 2x00 series: Improved performance when using multiple streams.
  • 2x00 series: Stricter timing on transmission.
  • 2x00/4100 series: Improved performance on non-trunking interfaces.
  • 2x00/4100 series: Adapter filters are cleared at startup.
    So a restart of the server won't fail when it was not stopped correctly before.
  • The server now detects when another instance is already running and shuts down again with a warning.

Server environment

  • byteblower-support-tool now accepts additional arguments:
    • '-y': autmatically answer questions with "yes"
    • '--exclude-coredumps': Don't include any core dump in the support archive.
    • '--limit-coredumps=<count>': Override the default number of core dumps (3) included in the support archive.
    • '--add-directory=<path>': Collect user provided data from the given directory.
  • 2x00/3x00/4100 series: Updated GPU driver.
  • The BMC is now forced to use the dedicated IPMI network interface at server boot time.


  • 2x00 series: Fixed issue with combining packets from frame blasting and protocol stack.
  • 2200 series: Fixed possible assertion failure at receive side.
  • 3x00 series: Fixed maximum MDL value of ByteBlowerPort.
  • Fixed filtering 'ip host' on 2x00 series, 3x00 series and 4100 series.
  • Fixed regression in TCP performance.
  • DHCPv6 renew is now sent to the "All DHCP Servers multicast address".
  • Fixed HTTP POST header with IPv6 address.
  • Fixed return value of HTTPServer ReceiveWindow.InitialSize.Set.
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