How to: Installing a ByteBlower MeetingPoint
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When the ByteBlower Wireless Endpoints are being used, an extra service on the ByteBlower server must be installed.  Meet the ByteBlower MeetingPoint!

This service is the main interface with the Wireless Endpoints and will be used by the ByteBlower GUI and API to configure these devices.


  • A ByteBlower server running ByteBlower 2.5.0 or later.
  • A ByteBlower license allowing the use of a ByteBlower Meeting Point
  • A valid ByteBlower support contract
  • SSH or console access to the ByteBlower Server

How to provide a ByteBlower server with the latest ByteBlower software can be found here.

When the license is not supporting the use of a ByteBlower Meeting Point or the support contract has been expired, please contact

Installing the ByteBlower Meeting Point

The procedure to install a ByteBlower MeetingPoint is straight forward and listed below.

  1. Connect to the ByteBlower Server using SSH (or using a screen and keyboard).
    # ssh root@
    root@'s password: (nothing shown here)
  2. Reboot the machine into the ByteBlower updater
    # byteblower-update
    To proceed, we need to reboot the system. Is this ok? (yes/no) yes
  3. When the machine is rebooted into the ByteBlower update environment,
    reconnect using SSH or the console and log in again.  
    Now the ByteBlower update environment user interface starts up.
  4. Select Advanced Options and press ok at the warning message
  5. Select 6. Environment management  and press enter.
  6. Select the first entry indicating I and  and press enter., e.g.
    IA   ByteBlower v2 (2.5.0)
  7. Select 1. Add/Install/Remove optional software
  8. Select byteblower-meetingpoint  and press enter., e.g.
    1. byteblower-meetingpoint (1.0.0)
  9. Select 2. Install and press enter.
  10. When the update system asks if the release byteblower-meetingpoint can be installed, select Yes and press enter.
  11. After the installation, the software package must be activated, so it is available in the runtime (ByteBlower) environment.
  12. Select 2. Activate and press enter.
  13. Select Back to return to the advanced menu and select Back to return to the main menu.
  14. Select Reboot to reboot to the runtime (ByteBlower) environment.

Verifying the ByteBlower MeetingPoint status

When in the runtime environment (ByteBlower environment):

byteblower # /etc/init.d/meetingpoint status
* status: started

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