ByteBlower Tcl API 2.6
Posted by Tom Ghyselinck, Last modified by Pieter Vandercammen on 31 August 2017 09:47 AM

The focus of this release is to bring support for Wireless Endpoints to the Tcl API.

Wireless Endpoints support

The wireless Endpoint API is now enabled in the Tcl lower-layer API. All new features of the Wireless Endpoint / Meeting Point version 1.1.0 are supported:

  • IPv4
  • IPv6
  • Frame blasting: streams and triggers
  • Statefull TCP
  • Latency measurements

For more information, please check our documentation of the WirelessEndpoint.

These features require ByteBlower Meeting Point >= 1.1.0 and Wireless Endpoint >= 1.1.0

Known issues

  • Unimplemented protocols
    • Port Control Protocol (PCP)
  • Unavailable features
    • USB interfaces


A newer release version is available. The 2.6 API installers are not available any more on the support portal. Contact us at for this version of the API.


The HTML reference documentation for the API

  • [[SecureDownload:ByteBlower/API/Tcl/2.6.2/ documentation]]

Changelog 2.6.2 (2017-04-21)


  • Fixed captured returning frames of first capture in Rx.Capture.ResultSnapshot when starting a second capture on the same Rx.Capture.RawPacket object.
  • Fixed setting IPv4 address + netmask via Layer3.IPv4::Ip.Set <address>/<netmask>.
  • Tcl-HL: Calling Result.Get and Result.Clear on WirelessEndpoint related objects only in locked state.

Changelog 2.6.0 (2017-04-06)


  • Enabled Wireless Endpoint API:
    • Enabled in Tcl lower-layer API.
    • Tcl-HL: Added support for Wireless Endpoint streams, triggers and TCP.
    • Tcl-HL: Added example scripts.
  • You can now provide a timeout when connecting to servers and/or meeting point.
  • Updated documentation.
  • ByteBlowerServer and MeetingPoint have a ServiceInfo object which provides useful information about that service:
    • type
    • version
    • license
    • service UUID
    • Connection details (remote host / IP address / TCP port)
    • Management IP addresses
  • API version can now be obtained via ByteBlower::API.Version.Get.
  • HTTP Client now also shows the configured type-of-service in its description
  • Add support for the new capabilities architecture
    • Capabilities can be obtained for ByteBlowerPort and WirelessEndpoint.
    • Backward-compatibility is available for older servermeeting point and/or wireless endpoints.


  • Added missing exception class ByteBlower.Exception.NullPointer.
  • Fixed incorrect value when getting (configured) HTTP Client receive window scale.
  • Tcl-HL: Fixed script error in ::excentis::ByteBlower::FlowLossRate when transmission was out-of-resources.

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