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ByteBlower API 2.7: Tcl and Python
Posted by Pieter Vandercammen, Last modified by Wouter Debie on 25 January 2018 03:01 PM

This API release includes the beta release of the Python code. You find an introduction to the Python API in this howto.

The full change-log is found at the bottom of this article.


You can download this version of the TCL API from these locations:

  • [[SecureDownload:ByteBlower/API/Tcl/2.7.0/ByteBlower-API-Tcl-windows-x86-installer.exe:Windows TCL installer]]
  • [[SecureDownload:ByteBlower/API/Tcl/2.7.0/ 32bit TCL installer]]
  • [[SecureDownload:ByteBlower/API/Tcl/2.7.0/ 64bit TCL installer]]
  • [[SecureDownload:ByteBlower/API/Tcl/2.7.0/ByteBlower-API-Tcl-osx-installer.dmg:Mac OS X TCL installer]]
  • [[SecureDownload:ByteBlower/API/Tcl/2.7.0/ including packages for all platforms for Tcl.]]

You can download this version of the Python API from these locations:

  • [[SecureDownload:ByteBlower/API/Python/2.7.0/ByteBlower-API-Python-windows-x86-installer.exe:Windows Python installer]]
  • [[SecureDownload:ByteBlower/API/Python/2.7.0/ 32bit Python installer]]
  • [[SecureDownload:ByteBlower/API/Python/2.7.0/ 64bit Python installer]]
  • [[SecureDownload:ByteBlower/API/Python/2.7.0/ByteBlower-API-Python-osx-installer.dmg:Mac OS X Python installer]]


The HTML reference documentation for both the Python and Tcl API

  • [[SecureDownload:ByteBlower/API/Tcl/2.7.0/ documentation]]

Changelog 2.7.0 (2017-08-29)


  • Introduction of the Layer4.Tcp.Tunnel. [br] This feature allows one to tunnel TCP traffic through a ByteBlower port. It makes remote debugging much more easy.
    • ByteBlowerPort::Tunnel.Tcp.Add creates a Layer4.Tcp.Tunnel.
  • Made the Python API publicly available.
  • The new call ByteBlowerPort::Interface.Speed.Get returns the bitrate of the parent interface.
  • Minimized communication overhead when destroying Layer5.Http.Client
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