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Version 2.8 of our popular ByteBlower® tool is ready to make IP testing faster and simpler than it already was! We’re on a constant quest to make ByteBlower more intuitive to deploy. So, we’ve added a range of new, practical features to the latest ByteBlower version. Your benefits? Faster, simpler and more efficient testing:

    • Save precious time by grouping multiple ByteBlower Ports together as a default destination for data flows.

      More info: Using ByteBlower Port groups.

    • Use the Frame View to directly import frames from a PCAP file.
    • Smarter TCP handling makes testing your mobile devices much simpler.
    • Testing TCP over IPv6 with a firewall will also be easier thanks to the new handy ‘Auto’ option.
    • To make testing more efficient – or more fun – we included a feature that provides detailed information on the estimated time remaining when you’re running a test scenario.


You can download this version of the GUI from these locations:

  • [[SecureDownload:ByteBlower/GUI/2.8.2/ByteBlower-GUI-v2-windows-x86-installer.exe:GUI Windows installer]]
  • [[SecureDownload:ByteBlower/GUI/2.8.2/ Linux 32-bit installer]]
  • [[SecureDownload:ByteBlower/GUI/2.8.2/ Linux 64-bit installer]]
  • [[SecureDownload:ByteBlower/GUI/2.8.2/ByteBlower-GUI-v2-osx-installer.dmg:GUI Mac OS X installer]]

With the ByteBlower CLI, you can start test scenarios created with the GUI, by executing one single command.
You can download the CLI Command Line Tool here :

  • [[SecureDownload:ByteBlower/GUI/2.8.2/ByteBlower-CLT-v2-windows-x86-installer.exe:CLI Windows installer]]
  • [[SecureDownload:ByteBlower/GUI/2.8.2/ Linux 32-bit installer]]
  • [[SecureDownload:ByteBlower/GUI/2.8.2/ Linux 64-bit installer]]
  • [[SecureDownload:ByteBlower/GUI/2.8.2/ByteBlower-CLT-v2-osx-installer.dmg:CLI Mac OS X installer]]

Changelog 2.8.2 (2018-05-18)

  • Test runtime

    • In some occasions, the auto-discovery of the HTTP method switched the source and destination of the flow. This issue has been resolved.
  • CLT

    • The CLT wasn't able to run batches. Trying to use them gave the error that the name wasn't found. Running batches with the CTL is now fully supported again.

Changelog 2.8.0 (2018-01-20)

  • New Features

    • In the Port View, you can now create Port Groups, using the context menu. Port Groups can be used as destination for a Flow.
  • GUI

    • Simplified column width handling.
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