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How To: Re-order Packets in a Capture File
Posted by Dries Decock, Last modified by Dieter Dobbelaere on 04 March 2020 04:07 PM

Packets are stored by the XRA-31 in a pcap capture file in the order as they are processed by the (parallel) demodulators.

Due to processing delays, and due to timing differences between upstream and downstream channels, this results in a pcap file where packets are potentially stored out-of-order.
However, the absolute timestamps of the packets are correct (and they based on the PLC epoch timestamps for reference OFDM or on the local system time for reference SC-QAM).

The following two methods can be used to re-order the packets, such that they appear in-order in the pcap file.

Re-ordering in Wireshark®

Clicking on the "Time" column in Wireshark® will sort the packets based on the timestamp in the packets.

Drawback of this method is that when closing the file, and re-opening it, the packets will again be out-of-order.

Re-ordering with reordercap

reordercap is a tool in the Wireshark® suite, designed to reorder pcap files based on timestamp:
Syntax is:

reordercap <inputfile> <outputfile>

Depending on the size of the file, this might take a while.

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