ByteBlower Tcl API 1.8.18
Posted by Admin Kayako, Last modified by Wouter Debie on 29 June 2017 09:54 AM

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of a new version of the ByteBlower Tcl API.


  • ByteBlower Lower Layer API
    • Added method to set the number of packets in an ICMP Echo loop.
    • Adding method to set the TTL/HopLimit on an ICMP session.
    • Throwing a RuntimeException when trying to add the VLAN protocol on a server which doesn't support VLANs yet.
    • The statistics on an ICMPv6 session can now be cleared.
    • All unnecessary methods are now hidden in the library, which minimises name collisions.
    • Fixed bug in HttpClient where Capture.Get failed.
    • Added support for Frame Tags ( SequenceTag for out-of-sequence detection and TimeTag for latency measurements), and their structure, format and position within the frame.
    • Added support for configuring DHCPv6 timing parameters.
    • Added support for static methods.
    • Added support for RTCP inbound and outbound captures.
  • ByteBlower Higher Layer API
    • Added global and function-level documentation to the ExecuteScenario file, describing the purpose and syntax of the ByteBlowerHL.
    • Cleanup of the ExecuteScenario file, with consistent syntax, parameter naming and indentation.
    • Recreated an old ByteBlowerHL scenario for latency detection (flowlatency).
    • Added a ByteBlowerHL scenario for out of sequence detection (flowoutofsequence).
  • Example scripts
    • New TCP over IPv6 example script.
    • New latency and out-of-sequence detection example scripts, which use the new Higher Layer API scenarios.
    • Added an echo reply timeout parameter to the ICMPv6 example script.
    • Removed an old and duplicate ICMPv6 example script.
    • Changed various multicast example scripts to have consistent relations between the script files.
    • Cleanup of general.proc file, with consistent syntax, indentation and documentation.
    • The general.proc flow creation functions now support latency and/or out of sequence detection. The default usage creates a normal trigger, just like before.
  • Installer
    • Made the window a bit wider, so the overview text on the last page can be shown completely if all components are selected.


ByteBlower API 1.8.18 is no longer available for download. Please contact our support desk of you think you need this specific version.

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