ByteBlower GUI version 1.8.20
Posted by Admin Kayako, Last modified by Wouter Debie on 29 June 2017 09:51 AM

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of a new version of the ByteBlower GUI.  


New features

  • Welcome Screen
    • Appears on first start-up after installation and every time new updates have been installed.
    • Contains the changelog and links to useful resources.
  • Automatic updates
    • Connect with the ByteBlower repository to check for a new GUI version.
    • Download and install the new version when desired. It is then applied automatically.
    • Checking for updates at every launch can be enabled or disabled in the preferences. This is enabled by default.
  • HTML report with encapsulated images


  • When opening a project, you can now see where all ports have been docked in the Configuration View.
  • Docking and undocking ports is now undoable.
  • Updated bundled JRE from Java 7 Update 40 to Java 7 Update 45.
  • When opening a project, used servers that were already present in the Configuration will now be refreshed automatically.
  • Report content
    • Added a Duration column to the TCP flows table. This is the flow duration on which the Average Throughput column is based.
    • Removed the Maximum Sender Congestion Window and Max Receivers Receive Window columns from the TCP Flows table.
    • Added two new tables to the report which contain aggregate throughput information over all TCP flows on a port.
  • Report layout
    • Numeric values are now right-aligned
    • The number of decimal numbers is now the same for all values, so numeric values are properly aligned.
    • The number of decimal numbers is configurable by the user, in the project preferences.
    • A report warning is shown if a throughput value is too low for the precision of the throughput unit and number of decimals.
    • The frame rate unit ('frames/s') for frame blasting flows is now shown in the table header instead of in each field.
    • The extra VLAN bytes designation is now only shown in a column header, when one of its column values has VLAN enabled.
    • The amount of frames, displayed on the axis of latency distribution graphs now contains a thousands separator.
    • The Frame Blasting flow info table now contains one entry per flow. This means multiple destinations of a multicast flow will not result in multiple (identical) flow info entries.


  • After Docking/Undocking ByteBlower Ports the GUI will ask if you want to save the project when closing it.
  • After changing the project preferences in the Preferences window, the GUI will ask if you want to save the project when closing it.
  • Fixed bug where reports were sometimes displayed containing an error "No editor descriptor for id org.eclipse.ui.internal.emptyEditorTab" when the GUI is launched.
  • Fixed bug where the latency distribution graph of a report was not displayed correctly when multiple UDP flows had the same source and destination port.
  • Fixed bug where list of Recent Projects in the File Menu wasn't always updated correctly.
  • The Automatic Server Discovery is now started after the GUI has started up completely. This fixes race condition issues at startup time.
  • Fixed bug where multicast flows with multiple frames had double counting in the report, resulting in losses of -100%.
  • TCP throughput is now always calculated at the receiving side of the HTTP traffic. This results in a more accurate result when HTTP PUT is used.
  • Out of sequence value was sometimes calculated incorrectly for multiframe flows and multicast flows.
  • When out of sequence is enabled on a flow, it is now also enabled on its eavesdroppers.
  • Report decimal sign and thousands separator now correctly matches the user's system locale.
  • When report generation fails unexpectedly, a user-friendly error is shown instead of opening a null report.
  • The JRE is now bundled for Mac OSX as well. This fixes a hang on MAC after running a scenario.


ByteBlower GUI 1.8.20 is no longer available for download. Please contact our support desk of you think you need this specific version.

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