ByteBlower Server 1.10.14
Posted by Tom Ghyselinck, Last modified by Wouter Debie on 29 June 2017 09:56 AM

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of a new version of the ByteBlower Server.  



  • Both the ByteBlower 1000 series and 2000 series are on the same development branch and version.
  • Trunking interfaces can now also be configured as non-trunking interfaces.
  • Fixed USB-detection of Unikey Drive Mini.
  • Fixed memory issue during DHCP renew.
  • Fixed type overflow in latency measurements, causing invalid minimum/maximum values.

ByteBlower 2100 specific

  • Fixed an issue with the ByteBlower configurator which was not able to list all interfaces.
  • Added support for new type of network adapters.

ByteBlower 1x00 specific

  • Switched to the latest ByteBlower 2100 code base.


The ByteBlower Server update is available through the Server Automatic Update system.

For more information, you can check How to: Updating a ByteBlower Server

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