ByteBlower Tcl API 1.8.26
Posted by Admin Kayako, Last modified by Wouter Debie on 29 June 2017 10:02 AM

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of a new version of the ByteBlower Tcl API.


Bugfix release history:

  • ByteBlower API version 1.8.22 (release May 14th) introduces the features and enhancements listed below. It has been superseded by a bugfix release.
  • The changelog below contains the original 1.8.22 changes, with the bugfix release changes listed at the bottom.
  • We encourage everybody to update to the latest version!


  • ByteBlower LL API
    • Added support for time units in latency measurements
    • Improved latency distribution methods
    • Improved documentation for FrameTag classes and methods
  • ByteBlowerHL API
    • Improved the way frame size and timing modifier configurations are parsed by the ByteBlower HL API.
    • Improved the documentation of higher-layer API source code. This documentation is used to generate the ByteBlower documentation, but can be viewed directly in the source code as well.
  • Example scripts
    • All example scripts now use the ByteBlower object as entry point, instead of using the deprecated static methods of the ByteBlower class.
  • Bugfix release 1.8.24
    • Improved server memory management.
  • Bugfix release 1.8.26
    • Fixed bug that caused the client to crash on Mac OS X when scheduling HTTP requests.


You can download this version of the TCL API from these locations:

  • [[SecureDownload:ByteBlower/API/Tcl/1.8.26/ByteBlower-API-Tcl-windows-x86-installer.exe:Windows installer]]
  • [[SecureDownload:ByteBlower/API/Tcl/1.8.26/ 32bit installer]]
  • [[SecureDownload:ByteBlower/API/Tcl/1.8.26/ 64bit installer]]
  • [[SecureDownload:ByteBlower/API/Tcl/1.8.26/ OS X installer]]

The HTML reference documentation for the API can be downloaded here.

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