ByteBlower Server 1.10
Posted by Tim De Backer, Last modified by Wouter Debie on 29 June 2017 10:14 AM

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of a new version of the ByteBlower Server.  


This bugfix release build upon the larger 1.10.18 release. You can find the changelog of that version on its download page.

Important: Move to ByteBlower OS 3.x (2.x environment)

Since ByteBlower Server version 1.10.26 we no longer support updates on the ByteBlower OS version 2.x.

The ByteBlower OS version can be obtained using the command:

lsb_release -r

You can easily update to the OS version 3.x (aka 2.x environment). Please follow the instructions on How to: Installing a ByteBlower Server 2.x environment.


The ByteBlower Server update is available through the Server Automatic Update system.

Update on ByteBlower OS 3.x (2.x environment)

For more information on how to update to the latest version, please check How to: Updating a ByteBlower server in a 2.x environment.

After automatic update, you need to switch to the latest ByteBlower v1 release. This is described in How to: Select a specific ByteBlower version to run.

Update on ByteBlower OS 3.x (1.x environment)

For more information, you can check How to: Updating a ByteBlower Server in a 1.x environment.

Important: ByteBlower 2100 users

This note only applies when running on ByteBlower OS version 2.x (1.x environment).

Users of the ByteBlower 2100 series must execute the following steps on the server cli before running the byteblower-update command:

echo "/opt/ByteBlower/lib" >> /etc/
ldconfig -f /etc/

After that, the normal update procedure can be applied.

Changelog for  1.10.x


  • Fixed frame blasting RX and TX performance on 1300-gen3 series.
  • Fixed performance on 1300-gen1 series which maliciously enabled hyper-threading.
  • Disabled some excessive logging in certain situations.


  • Added support for meeting point license information on hardware license
    (Please note that the meeting point cannot be installed with ByteBlower 1.x).
  • 2100 series: Fix possible hang at GPU initialization during startup (update GPU driver)


  • Fixed server crash when receiving IGMPv2, IGMPv3 or MLv2 Query message with response code 0.
  • Fixed server crash when trunking interface receives packet with VLAN tag with Priority and/or CFI != 0.


ByteBlower server environment

  • Added/updated support for latest 1300-gen2/2100-gen3 hardware platforms:
    • Updated ByteBlower series detector.
    • Updated chassis firmware checks.
  • Fixed some missing updates to support the latest Excentux 3.x:
    • Added logrotate.d configuration.
    • Added ByteBlower support-tool part.
  • Improved byteblower init scripts:
    • Check if required ByteBlower config files exist.
    • Delete existing Napatech NTPL filters on Napatech-based systems.
    • Start after tscd.


  • Fixed issue with PCP client


  • Fixed parsing of IPv6 address in Layer5.Http.Client::Request.Uri.Set.
  • Added byteblower-get-version
  • Fixed core assignment on 20-core 2100 systems.

1.10.30 / 1.10.32

  • Added support for new security hardware.


  • Fixed system hang while initiating BIOS update (2100 series)
  • Fixed race condition in DHCP Protocol when receiving duplicate ACK.


  • DHCPv6 Protocol ignored all advertises containing StatusCode option ( option 13 ). The protocol will now accept Advertises containing the statusCode option where the value is success.
  • Updates for ByteBlower OS 2.x (1.x environment) are no longer available.


  • Improved performance on 1300 series
  • Minor bugfixes


  • Fixed scheduling issue that caused the server to crash on (very) exotic flow configurations.
  • Fixed issue where some unexpected vlan tagged traffic caused the server to crash.
  • Fixed issue in the IPv6 router list, which could cause invalid memory references.
  • Fixed multiple bugs in our implementation of the Port Control Protocol (PCP).
  • Detection of incompatible network cards (older napatech 1Gbit cards).


  • Improved latency calculation.
  • Time-tags on both 1x00 and 2100 series use the same format
    • ByteBlower 1x00 series have an accuracy of 100 microseconds
    • ByteBlower 2100 series have an accuracy of 20 nanoseconds
  • Fixed TCP bug during destruction/cleanup
  • 1x00 series
    • Fixed hang during heavy load
  • 2100 series
    • Compensate internal latency of the adapter in the latency calculation
    • BIOS 3.0
    • IPMI firmware 3.20
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