ByteBlower Server 2.1 changelog
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ByteBlower Server 2.1 changelog



  • Fixes issues in TCP implementation.
  • Fixed limitation on the 4100 series trunking interfaces to 950Mbps instead of 1Gbps.
  • Fixed issue where simultaneous remove and add of filtering objects could lead to incorrect results.
    • Packets matching old filter could be counted to new filter.
    • Related to basic trigger, latency counters, out-of-sequence counters and captures.
  • ByteBlowerPort counters now work again on 1100, 1200 and 1300 series.



  • Fixes issues in DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 implementation
  • Added the renew message in the DHCPv6 client implementation
  • Checking the minimum and maximum value of the size of the frame size modifiers.
  • Added synchronized start.
  • Improved exception handling and communication towards the client.
  • Fixed issue when combining frame blasting and TCP sessions (4100)
  • Fixed multi-user issue.
  • Fixed multiple wrong assertions.
  • Improved TCP performance on multiple trunking interfaces (4100)
  • Fixed an out-of-resources issue with multiple frames on one stream.
  • Improved port counter implementation.
  • Improved TCP scalability (number of parallel sessions)



  • Added support for the ByteBlower 3100 server.
  • Added TCP slow start threshold parameter.
  • Many TCP performance tuning.
  • Improved scheduling on 4100 series.
  • Improved realtime counter implementation.
  • We don't allow to change to Mac address of a port when active.
  • We don't allow to change the Vlan ID of a port when active.


  • Fixed issues in DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 implementation.
  • Disabling sequence tag or time tag didn't reset the value.
  • Disable flow configuration during transmit.
  • Verify frame size is between minimum and maximum supported frame size of the interface.
  • A ByteBlower port did not join the Solicited Node Multicast Address Group when DAD succeeds
  • Average frame size on growing size flow was invalid once the total size exceeded 232
  • Fixed some ICMP issues.
  • Throw exception when using a TCP port which is already in use.
  • SLAAC uses prefix form Invalid Router Advertisement

ByteBlower environment and update

  • The login prompt sometimes took a lot of time.
  • The ByteBlower updater now supports a proxy server.
  • The ByteBlower updater checks the disk space available.
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