ByteBlower Tcl API 2.1
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The changes between to API 1.x and 2.x are significant. We won't provide the details of every change here but focus on the major ideas and changes. More info can be found in the documentation of the API.


During the development of the 2.1 API, we put a lot of effort in getting the naming of methods and classes more consistent. During the lifetime of the 1.x API methods were added but not always in a consistent way.


The API is now extended with calls to support the new features such as the real-time results.

Backwards compatibility

We preserved backwards compatibility as much as possible. Many users will be able to just run the existing code using the new API. If this is not the cases, minor changes might be needed. If you don't succeed doing so, please don't hesitate to contact us for support.

Fast and clean

Although backwards compatibility remained, the implementation is brand new! We removed all unnecessary code and have now a new platform for the future!

Known issues

  • Unimplemented protocols
    • Telnet
    • Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP)
    • Real-time Transport Control Protocol (RTCP)
    • Port Control Protocol (PCP)
  • Unavailable features
    • USB interfaces

Changelog 2.1.2

  • Correct calculation of the Rx.All port counters
  • Disable debug output
  • Update examples
    • random_traffic
    • back2back/icmp_frame_blasting
    • back2back/multi_port
    • tcp/with_mtu


ByteBlower API 2.1.0 is no longer available for download. Please contact our support desk of you think you need this specific version.

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