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ByteBlower Endpoint Changelog 2.20
Posted by Craig Godbold, Last modified by Craig Godbold on 18 August 2023 03:15 PM

Changelog for 2.20.0 


New features 

  • Adding latency histograms over time.  This can be used to visualise/verify the QeD performance of a specific application. 


  • Adding additional frameblasting interval statistics such as : 
  • When was the first frame sent or received 
  • When was time last frame sent or received 
  • Minimum and maximum size of the frames received 
  • Better latency measurements for cumulative snapshots.   
    The Endpoint now keeps track of the cumulative data itself instead of delegating this to the MeetingPoint. 


  • Fixing crashes when a management/traffic interface was selected, but no IP address was available. 
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