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ByteBlower GUI 2.12
Posted by Mathieu Strubbe, Last modified by Mathieu Strubbe on 26 January 2021 07:20 PM

100 Gbit testing

The new ByteBlower 5100 model is specially designed to allow fast and easy testing on high-speed,
100 Gbit ethernet networks. It provides best-in-class latency measurements and 100 Gbit performance.

ByteBlower 5100


You can download this version of the GUI here: Download GUI

Information on how to use the CLT version of the GUI: Introduction to ByteBlower CLT

Changelog 2.12.0


  • [General] The GUI can now also control the new 100G ByteBlower 5100 server.
  • [Reporting] Improved JSON reports. Snapshots are ordered now.
  • [Reporting] Using milliseconds by default for latencies.
  • [Reporting] Using Mbps by default for throughputs.
  • [Reporting] Additional logging in the report browser. This will help debugging.
  • [Reporting] Less memory usage while generating JSON reports, by using a streaming approach.
  • [Reporting] Opening a report automatically after a scenario finished, but only when there are test results.
  • [UI] Showing help when relaunching a scenario that became invalid. Also opening the Solution View now.

Bug fixes

  • [General]: Adding a frame size filter for 60 byte frames also. This makes the filter more selective and avoids counting other large sized frames.

Known issues

  • [General]: The GUI is not yet fully compatible with macOS 11 Big Sur. Contact us to get a development version.

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