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ByteBlower GUI 2.16 changelog
Posted by Mathieu Strubbe, Last modified by Craig Godbold on 17 August 2023 10:17 AM

RSSI/SSID/BSSID in the ByteBlower Report

The ByteBlower GUI now includes the RSSI/BSSID/SSID statistics in the reports. With these stats you'll gain a much clearer insight into the throughput and latency results of your Wi-Fi testruns.

How do you configure this new report element? Great news - there is no need to! These stats are added automatically as soon as you use one of the Wireless Endpoints. These stats are supported since version 2.11 of the app. Of course by using the most recent version you'll avoid any of the early pitfalls.

Finally, do note iOS and iPadOS restrict the RSSI stats, but even on these platforms you can rely on the BSSID/SSID info.

Download the GUI from
What's coming up?
  • GUI: RSSI/BSSID/SSID results over time will be added to the JSON results.
  • Wireless Endpoint: Making the traffic interface selectable. This will give you better control over the behaviour of the Wireless Endpoint.

Changelog 2.16.2

Bug fixes
  • Fix of the results over time graphs on Frameblasting flows with out-of-sequence results.

Changelog 2.16.0

New Features
  • New graphs in the HTML reports, showing RSSI/BSSID/SSID of the Wireless Endpoints.
  • Project specific preferences are now only enabled when there is a project open. This will avoid confusion. A more elegant solution is under development.
  • To make the Server View work better at any size, the dock/undock arrows are now placed higher in the view.
Bug fixes
  • Fix in the CSV results, use the correct PortName in the TCP and HTTP results over time.
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