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ByteBlower GUI 2.18 changelog
Posted by Pieter Vandercammen, Last modified by Craig Godbold on 17 August 2023 10:17 AM

Bigger, longer tests using Dashboards

Monitoring live test-results is a large benefit to endurance tests. This version of the ByteBlower GUI makes the results of the Realtime view available for other dedicated tools like Prometheus and Grafana. This allows you to
  • Run longer tests, including multi-day test runs.
  • Add more flows to a scenario since many of the CPU-intensive tasks are delegated to dedicated tools

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ByteBlower GUI 2.18.0 Changelog

New Features
  • Realtime Results are now available as a target for monitoring solutions such as Prometheus. Adding Grafana, you get stunning real time graphs.
  • Project Properties can now be specified on a new location. Have a look under Menu > File > Project Properties. Previously, these properties were integrated in the Preferences, and it was not clear enough that these properties were part of the current ByteBlower Project.
  • You can now disable graphs with results over time in the reports.
  • If you have more than 100 flows in your scenario, graphs with results over time will be disabled automatically.
  • ByteBlower CLT on macOS 12 Monterey. This build does require installing an Java JDK separately. This version has been tested with binaries from Adoptium. 
  • Enhanced PCAP Frame Import functionality.
Fixed Bugs
  • Modifications made to items in the TCP view and Frame Blasting view are now immediately visible.
Known Issues
  • Archive View. Reports containing TCP results can not be regenerated. The reports are generated fine however right after a test finishes.
  • On Mac, the Dark Mode is not activated automatically at night.

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