ByteBlower GUI version 2.5
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ByteBlower GUI version 2.5.6 brings you a number of new features and improvements. These make the user experience even smoother. Also, this version already contains some enhancements under the hood, to prepare for the upcoming release of the Wireless Endpoints. As an example, the docked information is now included in the report. This makes it even more straight-forward to rebuild test setups later on. In addition, TCP flows now offer the option to configure the TOS/DSCP byte. This offers additional support for testing policy-based routing. Below is an overview of all enhancements.


ByteBlower GUI 2.5 is no longer available for download. Please contact support if you thing you need this version

WARNING: A 2.5.x GUI only works with a 2.1.x server or higher. To be able to use all new features, we advice to update the server to the latest 2.5.x version. See the server download page for information how to install this server version. GUI 2.x can be installed side by side with an 1.x GUI.

WARNING: On Mac OS X, the 2.5.x GUI needs to be installed on version 10.10 (Yosemite) or later.

Changelog 2.5.6

  • Reporting
    • The CSV format has been updated. In addition to latency results over time, the reports also include frameblasting throughput values, a significant number of TCP statistics and the latency distribution results. Extra documentation is added in the CSV document to explain these new values.
  • User Interface
    • Improved robustness of the passport window when using the server support tool.
    • Code cleanup of the Realtime view. A number of exceptions are now resolved early, this results in a more readable logging file.
  • GUI Updater
    • The GUI updater adds a warning on failed updates. If the failure can't be corrected, a full reinstall is still necessary. In these cases, this recommendation is shown in the pop-up screen.
  • Test Runtime
    • Latency measurements are not yet supported on Wireless Endpoints. These measurements are also disabled for flows with a Wireless Endpoint configured as destination.
    • Fixed domain exception in the runtime. This error occurred while testing HTTP flows.
  • CLT
    • Fixed NumberFormatException in tests with Wireless Endpoints.

Changelog 2.5.4

  • User Interface
    • Resolving various edge cases when a MeetingPoint and ByteBlower server are accessed through the same address.
    • Improved the information mouse-over on wireless endpoints. The IPv4 address is added and the OS information is cleaner.
  • Reporting
    • To make it easier to distinguish the receive and congestion window, the colours were changed slightly. Regenerating old reports will also use these new colours.
    • The report includes the duration and throughput of FrameBlasting flows to Wireless Endpoints.
    • TCP flows failing to start and thus failing to negotiate the congestion window, won't show a congestion window.
    • The state of TCP flows failing to connect was not shown correctly.
    • The return path of the HTTP data flow consists mainly out of ACK-messages. In the Aggregate TCP results over time we hint to this direction with the name ACKS.
  • Test Runtime
    • Corrected the filter creating for flows from a Wireless Endpoint through a NAT.
    • NATDiscovery uses a probing packet to determine the NAT mappings. The name of the prototype frame is now included in this probing packet.
    • Verifying whether the Mobile TCP was able to connect to the server before requesting further statistics.
    • The Wireless Endpoints don't support Latency and Out Of Sequence measurements yet. This feature was disabled for them.

Changelog 2.5.2

  • General
    • Time calculations are based on GMT. This avoids problems in the underlying Java date libraries. This change fixes several issues for users in timezones at 30 minute offsets.

Changelog 2.5.0

  • User Interface
    • The TOS/DSCP byte is now configurable for TCP flows. This is feasible on ByteBlower servers running version 2.5.0 and up. For Frame Blasting flows, the TOS byte was already configurable. For user-friendliness, the TOS byte of all flows is listed together in the Flow View.
    • Servers with a recent update system (v3.3.0) can be updated through the GUI. This offers an additional possibility to update ByteBlower servers detached from the Internet.
    • To ease configuring long running tests, a duration can now also be specified in weeks.
  • Test Runtime
    • Reworked the filter generation algorithm. ByteBlower ports with different VLAN stacks and frames with non-IP frames are now even better supported.
    • Improved responsiveness of the runtime algorithm. Preparing support for the upcoming Wireless Endpoints.
  • Reporting
    • The docked info of the ByteBlower port is displayed in the ports table. It shows the interface the port was docked with additional information on the server itself. This feature makes it easier to recreate test setups.
    • The TOS byte of both TCP and FrameBlasting flows is included into the report.
  • Command Line Interface (CLI)
    • The printout is slightly altered to improve scripting tests. The CLI will display the name of the scenario and associated reports on standard output.
    • Batches configured in the project files can now be run with the CLI, using the '-batch' option.

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