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ByteBlower Server 2.10 changelog
Posted by Wouter Debie, Last modified by Craig Godbold on 18 August 2023 02:35 PM

2.10.8 (2019-08-29)


  • Add support for ByteBlower 3200 Gen2

2.10.6 (2019-08-14)


  • Unintended traffic on the management interface TCP port 9002 could cause the ByteBlower daemon to stop. We've made it robust against these packets
  • MLD Listening Reports could in some rare cases cause the ByteBlower to stop. This is resolved.
  • Some tools couldn't handle the lacking of a dongle. Now those tools report a correct error when the dongle is missing.

2.10.4 (2019-08-08)

Fixes - Configurator

  • The IPv4 gateway was already optional in the management interface configuration, due to an input validation bug, it seemed required
  • When adding a route, an error was thrown when looking for the correct interface to add the route on.

Fixes - ByteBlower

  • ByteBlower is now able to correctly handle fragmented IPv4 packets
  • Improved TCP performance when sending from 10G to 1G and the switch has small buffer sizes and latency is high

Fixes - Meetingpoint

  • New networkinterface on wireless devices was created over time. Info is now updated instead of creating a new interface

2.10.2 (2019-07-04)


  • Server: TCP: Fix long performance drops that sometimes occurred in situations with high packet loss.
  • MeetingPoint: Add iOS 13 as supported device
  • Configurator: When the network configuration is corrupt, throw a more adequate error with more information instead of an obscure out_of_range.
  • Configurator: When a custom port configuration is used, the interface was not marked as trunking
  • Configurator: Fixed an issue when the ByteBlower interfaces could not be configured after a fresh install.

2.10.0 (2019-04-24)



  • Adding support for NBase-T (2.5Gbit and 5GBit) interfaces.
  • Added an option to restart the TCP on a wireless endpoint. A TCP session will automatically restart if its been dropped by a bad Wi-Fi connection.
  • Multiclient TCP API [Beta]


  • The server could crash when the FrameTag (Time/Sequence) was requested before the frame bytes were set.
  • Creating a frameblasting flow with ARP packets could cause the server to stop. This is fixed.
  • Restored our /legal directory which was lost in a previous release.
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