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ByteBlower Server 2.14 changelog
Posted by Pieter Vandercammen, Last modified by Craig Godbold on 17 August 2023 01:04 PM

On this page you find the changelog for version 2.14 of the ByteBlower server. How to upgrade to this version can be read in the following article:

Server 2.14.2 (2022-01-25)


  • MeetingPoint: marking Android 11, Android 12, iOS/iPadOS 15 and macOS 11 (Big Sur) as a supported WirelessEndpoint platform.
  • MeetingPoint: Next to the WiFi TxRate parameter, the RxRate is now available when supported by the WirelessEndpoint.


  • The ByteBlower configurator crashed while parsing the wget configuration file.
  • The MeetingPoint did not implement some API calls which are available through the API. This resulted in a "TechnicalError".
    Now the more correct "ConfigError" is thrown when a non-default value is set.

Server 2.14.0  (2021-12-07)


Introduction of the new port configuration.

  • This configuration matches the physical ByteBlower topology much closer and doesn't require any changes for the ByteBlower client.

  • The advantage is that each interface shown in the ByteBlower GUI's server view will correspond to a switch attached to the ByteBlower.

  • The strength of this new solution is well visible in daisy-chaining and multi-trunk setups. Find more examples in this article.

  • The upgrade will automatically update the config file to be compatible, but it is impossible to guess the correct physical layout. It is still necessary to manually configure your server to benefit from the new port configurations if you have a non-standard configuration. Please contact if you want help in doing this.


  • 5100 update system: The update could fail when trying to install a prerequisite which was already installed.


  • kernel update from 4.19.0-16 to 4.19.0-18 for the ByteBlower 5100 systems.
    This is routine maintenance of the OS. It has no impact on the traffic generation capabilities.
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