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ByteBlower Server 2.19 changelog
Posted by Vincent De Maertelaere, Last modified by Craig Godbold on 17 August 2023 12:56 PM

Server 2.19.0 (20/10/2022)


  • The ByteBlower MeetingPoint now supports stopping a ByteBlower Endpoint from the ByteBlower API or ByteBlower GUI. 
    This feature allows the user to stop a ByteBlower Endpoint app in a way it was already possible with a classic ByteBlower Port.

New Features

  • Adding support for ByteBlower Endpoints who keep communicating during the test.
  • Adding support to stop a ByteBlower Endpoint during the test.  In order for this feature to work, the ByteBlower API or ByteBlower GUI must be configured so the ByteBlower Endpoint keeps communicating during the test.  This feature requires a ByteBlower API or ByteBlower GUI updated to version 2.19.0 or higher and a ByteBlower Endpoint running at least 2.19.0.


  • Adding iPadOS 15 as a supported platform.
    Note: In order not to break existing scripts, iPadOS is announced as iOS towards the customer.


  • The ByteBlower MeetingPoint could crash when a ByteBlower API disconnected when a ByteBlower Endpoint was executing specific API calls. 
    These calls are used when:
    • Preparing a ByteBlower Endpoint for test execution
    • Starting a test on a ByteBlower Endpoint
    • Gathering results for an executed test.


  • The ByteBlower 5100 Linux kernel is updated from Debian version 4.19.0-18 to 2.19.0-21
  • The ByteBlower 3100 and ByteBlower 3200 server network interface drivers are updated so they don't lose network connectivity under high traffic loads.
  • The ByteBlower 5100 system can now update the firmware for the used traffic interfaces.
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