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ByteBlower Server 2.21 Changelog
Posted by Craig Godbold, Last modified by Vincent De Maertelaere on 27 November 2023 09:19 AM

ByteBlower Server/Meeting Point Changelog - 2.21

The ByteBlower 2.21 release includes a mjor new feature for Endpont testing: Real-time results 

This allows users the option to receive results during the test in the realtime view in the GUI. 

In order to use this feature, the server, Endpoint and GUI must be updated to 2.21.

Furthermore, the Endpoint must be allowed to communicate with the MeetingPoint during the test by enabling the "Heartbeat" mode in the project settings.

Accessing them is the same as with a regular ByteBlower Port object.  Just call the Refresh() on the corresponding History objects. 

Important to note:

  • If you upgrade the server to 2.21, you will no longer be able to use ByteBlower Endpoint 2.16
  • Clients running the ByteBlower Endpoint application 2.19 are now deprecated
  • The 2.21 versions of the ByteBlower Server/MeetingPoint are the last versions to support these older versions of the Endpoint.

We highly recommend updating all ByteBlower features to the latest versions as this improves performance and reduces the probabiltiy of unusual behavior arising from different versions.


ByteBlower Version 2.21.2 ensure no more communication hiccups. Here are some release highlights:

Synchronised Reporting:
ByteBlower's latest release boasts enhanced clock synchronization by the MeetingPoint. Even in cases of significant clock differences, rest assured that you'll receive results that are both accurate and reliable.

Endpoint Persistence Improved:
Experience uninterrupted testing! Our latest release guarantees that Endpoints stay active until every single result is gathered and processed. Say goodbye to disruptions during crucial testing phases and enjoy a seamless testing experience. We've addressed a scenario where Endpoints were erroneously marked as unavailable during lengthy test result processing. Stay seamlessly connected throughout extended test runs, ensuring a reliable and efficient testing environment.

SSH Upgrade Hassle Resolved:
Upgrade with confidence! We've tackled a troublesome issue where SSH configuration impeded ByteBlower 5100 series server upgrades. Now, enjoy the smooth and uninterrupted process of upgrading servers without any hitches.

Upgrade to ByteBlower Version 2.21.2 now and witness a new level of precision, reliability, and uninterrupted performance in your network testing endeavors!

Happy Testing!



Alongside the real-time Endpoint results, we have made further improvements to the server in terms of performance and configurability.


The out-of-sequence trigger now also provides counters for packet loss detection. This means that packet loss can be detected from one trigger without having to compare to a Tx stream.

In addition, the performance of Frame Blasting flows with out-of-sequence detection has been improved. 

Interval snapshot

When combined with a 2.21 ByteBlower Endpoint, the snapshot interval can now be configured.   For older endpoints, this remains fixed at 1 second.


The meeting point information handling has been improved by reducing the amount information reset when an Endpoint re-registers

TCP will now correctly send an ACK in response to TCP Keep-Alive messages even if they have no payload.


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