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How to configure your ByteBlower server traffic interfaces (up till v2.13)
Posted by Wouter Debie, Last modified by Craig Godbold on 29 November 2023 10:01 AM

This article details how to configure the traffic interfaces up till version 2.13.4 of the ByteBlower Server. Newer versions allow for more flexibility and have a different UI. More information about the new version is found in this article.

A ByteBlower has 2 or more traffic interfaces on the Server. They are located on the back of the server and marked with a (Trunking) or a NT (non-trunking). When you receive your system, it is pre-configured.

This article explains how to configure your ByteBlower Server traffic interfaces. These are the addresses shown when logging into the server. They are updated about once every hour.

Connect to your ByteBlower over ssh or through a keyboard and screen. Login into the system until you have the root-prompt. Start the ByteBlower-configurator tool.

Continue the intro text ( by pressing enter ) to go to the main menu

Select the 2nd option to configure the Change the ByteBlower Server Configuration.

Select the 1ste option as we want to (re)configure the ports

Select the interface you want to configure or change

Select the type of interface
- Trunking : Behind this interface you have a ByteBlower switch connected
- Non-trunking: This interface is connected directly to your network or dut

In case of Trunking select the configuration behind this interface
If you have a NBASE-T add-on switch attached in daisy chain, select option 4
More advanced setups can be configured in the under Custom... option

Once your config is done select Back until the main menu

Save and Exit will store your configuration and reload ByteBlower.

Your new configuration is ready to use

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