How to: Multiburst UDP traffic
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An internet stream isn't always a perfect flow of bits at a constant rate. So for your tests you want to create such a burst flow. This article describes how you can simulate a UDP flow with burst using our GUI.


To create a multiburst UDP flow we start with the basic components : A source port and a destination port. We provide them a correct mac and IP setting and dock the ports on our server. 

Next we create a frame we want to transmit. We give this frame our desired size and if needed the wanted UDP source/destination port numbers. In our example we will use a frame of 128 bytes.

It is now in the frameblasting template that we will define the speed and the burstiness of our flow.

Create a new template and add the frame (our frame of 128 bytes created in previous step). With the edit button in the middle plane we can configure the speed and add a timing modifier. It is this timing modifier that creates the burst profile.

Under the tab Speed we configure the speed of the flow. Lets configure this to a UDP flow of 2Mbit/s. The Timing Modifier tab allows us to add a time modifier to the flow to create a burst profile. Here we can configure 2 parameters.

Interburst Gap: this is the time between 2 burst. During this period no frames will be transmitted

Frames per Burst: How many frames need to be transmitted during a burst

In the Flow view we connect the source,destination and the flowtemplate together to create our flow. We can use this Flow now in our scenario and provide here the duration wanted for the flow. You can also define the number of frames you want to transmit. The GUI will then calculate the duration.

Now we are ready to run the project. Below you see the result report showing the bursts.

Example project

Attached on this KB you will find the project created during this article. Download and modify it to fit your needs.

 Multiburst.bbp (5.18 KB)
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