How to: Use a static IP during a ByteBlower Server upgrade
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In some lab environments there isn't a DHCP server running in the management network. You must then use a fixed-ip. Excentux on the 1x00, 2x00, 3x00 and 4x00 has 2 environments:

  • The traffic environment,
    This the most common environment. One uses it to send traffic

  • The Update environment,
    This part of the system is used for performing updates.

This howto is specifically for the update evironment. The article explains you how you can configure a fixed-ip in the ByteBlower update-environment

Note: Starting from the 5x00 models, there s no separate update environment anymore. To be more user-friendly, both traffic and updates can be done in the same OS.


Connect to the ByteBlower

To update the ByteBlower server, you'll need a console on the ByteBlower. This can be achieved in 2 ways.

  1. Physical console: Connect a screen and a keyboard.
  2. SSH: Log in from the terminal (Linux or Mac) or with an application such as PuTTY (Windows).

Login using root and the password ("excentis" by default)

If you are not already in the update-environment type "byteblower-update" to reboot to the update system. Once the reboot is done, use the same credentials to login

Change the network configuration (ByteBlower 2.6.0 and later, Excentux-update 3.5.0 and later)

Once you are logged in you will get the following menu. Choose item 4 "Network configuration".

Change network settings

In this sub-menu, various network configuration options can be chosen.  Select item 2 "Interface man0" to configure the first management interface.

Select Interface man0

Select item 2 Connectivity to configure the network interface.

Select Interface man0

Here you can select DHCP, Static or None.  None means not to use this interface.
Select item 2 Static

Select Interface man0

Here you can provide the IP address, netmask and gateway.  Also IPv6 addresses are supported.
Use the UP/DOWN arrows to move between fields, TAB to switch between the input fields and the buttons.

Select Interface man0

Select OK, and return using the Back buttons until the system asks you what to do with this information.

Select item 1 "Apply the changes in the configuration" if you just want to apply the configuration, but you don't want to save it
Select item 3 "Persist the network configuration for updater use" if the configuration must be persisted for update purposes only
Select item 4 "Persist the network configuration for all uses" if the configuration must be persisted no matter what use.

Select Interface man0


Change the network configuration (pre-ByteBlower 2.6.0, pre Excentux-Update 3.5.0)

Once you are logged-in you will get following menu. Choose item 4 "Network configuration".

Change network settings

Here you can review or change the network settings.

Change the network configuration

Item 2 allows you to change the network configuration of the ByteBlower updater.Change network settings

Step 1:
First you need to choose the interface you want to change. Man0 is the management interface you want to change.

Select the management interface

Step 2:
After selecting the interface you must choose between DHCP of Static configuration. If you choose DHCP then this is all you need to do and can go to step 4 . For static configuration continue.

Static or Dhcp

Step 3: ( static configured address )
Provide the IP

new IP

Provide the Netmask


Provide the Gateway


Provide the DNS


Once you provide the information for this last step. Then the new static IP will be activated.

Step 4:
Review your settings. If you want, you can review your settings by selecting option 1. If not use Back to return to the main menu

review settings

New applied settings

( use page-down page-up to scroll )

Upgrade the server

Now you are ready to upgrade the server. Follow the steps explained in this article on how to upgrade your server.

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