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NUMA settings for ByteBlower 1300
Posted by Pieter Vandercammen, Last modified by Craig Godbold on 29 November 2023 01:54 PM

This article is intended for debugging a ByteBlower 1300. Only when the ByteBlower debug log contains the line below should you go through the steps below, preferably after contacting the

 > Stopped ByteBlower due to: No cores found on NUMA node 0

Unfortunately the NUMA configuration can't be checked over TeamViewer, it needs to be done on the premises. The steps list how to get to these settings. below. Most will probably look familiar. Depending on the result we might need to RMA the system, contacting support will help you further.

Step 1. Enter the BIOS menu
Attach a keyboard and screen to the ByteBlower and reboot the system. You'll need to press DEL when the SUPERMICRO logo shows up.

Step 2 Navigate to the ACPI settings.
In the BIOS we're interested in the ACPI Configuration. This setting is found in the Advanced menu. As you can see below, the option is third to last.

Step 3 Verify NUMA Support.
In the ACPI Configuration you'll find the NUMA Support option. This option should be Enabled.

Press "Esc" to go back to the main menu

And then select Exit -> Save and Exit. (Also do this even if the NUMA was enabled: This step will reprogram the BIOS !!!)

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