Regenerate GUI reports
Posted by Wouter Debie, Last modified by Craig Godbold on 29 November 2023 11:20 AM

With the ByteBlower GUI you can re-generate reports of tests performed. Why would you ask. Well, what if the expressed throughput unit isn’t the one your manager wants. Same with latency, or with the loss legend. Would you want to re-run that test then?  

No, that's why in the Archive view you have a button called "Generate New Reports". Select the scenario you want to generate a new report and hit that button. ByteBlower will re-generate the reports using the data collected during that test.  

With the release of 2.11 we've upgraded your reporting engine to generate interactive graphs where you can zoom-in to specific sections of the graphs (more info). Thanks to the regeneration feature, you can re-generate old test and get now reports that are zoomable and get better insights without the need to re-run the test. 

Below an animated GIF showing the regeneration at work 

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