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Wireshark 3.0 Changelog
Posted by Tom Ghyselinck, Last modified by Dieter Dobbelaere on 12 August 2019 11:06 AM

Excentis actively contributes to the Wireshark community to integrate the XRA-31 support and improve the DOCSIS protocol parser.

The results of these efforts are now available in the official release of Wireshark 3.0!

The Excentis version 3.0 of Wireshark is based on the official Wireshark 3.0 releases.
It enhances the well-known network analysis tool with pre-release enhancements and bug fixes for Excentis' XRA-31.
All these additional changes have already been integrated into the official Wireshark development version and will be part of a future official Wireshark release.


You can download the latest Excentis version of Wireshark from these locations:

  • [[SecureDownload:XRA-31/wireshark/3.0.3-excentis4/Wireshark-win64-3.0.3-excentis4.exe:Wireshark Windows 64-bit installer]]

You can download the latest Wireshark releases from the official website:

Known limitations

  • SID decoding not always correct in RNG-REQ
  • Some DOCSIS TLVs are not decoded yet

Changelog 3.0.3-excentis4 (2019-08-07)

  • Official Wireshark 3.0.3 release notes.
  • DOCSIS: fix for encrypted DOCSIS PDU packets do not match the filter 'eth.dst' (also integrated into official 3.0.3).
  • Pre-release enhancements and bug fixes (also integrated into official development version 3.1.0).
    • XRA: adding packettype OFDM PLC MMM.
    • DOCSIS: CM-CTRL and DPD: fixed wrong tlv indent.
    • DOCSIS: OPT: fixed TLV indent.
    • XRA: do not decode packetpointer if not present.
    • DOCSIS: REG-ACK: do not show TLV Data if not present.
    • DOCSIS: Added Energy Management (EM) messages.
    • DOCSIS: Fixed Info Field Bonded Initial Ranging Request.
    • DOCSIS: RNG-RSP equalization adjust.
    • DOCSIS: Adding missing MDD TLVs.
    • DOCSIS: Reassembly of RNG-RSP messages.
    • XRA: changed some tvb_ functions.
    • DOCSIS: RNG-REQ: upstream transmit power, bit 15 and 14 of SID.
    • XRA: minislot_info, mer and power_level not exclusively for ranging.
    • XRA: PLC can contain multiple MMM messages.
    • DOCSIS: OCD Cyclic Prefix: typo fix.
    • DOCSIS: Added 3.1 CM-STATUS Event Types and TLVs.

Changelog 3.0 (2019-02-28)

  • Official Wireshark 3.0.0 release notes.
  • Add XRA-31 downstream SC-QAM decoding.
  • Support for defragmentation of multipart Mac Management Messages.
  • The HCS of the segment header is now verified.
  • The parts of the UCD OFDMA timestamp snapshot are now decoded (D3.0 timestamp and minislots).
  • The parts of the PLC timestamp are now decoded (epoch, D3.0 timestamp, extra 204.8 MHz samples, extra 16*204.8 MHz samples).
  • Decoding of several DOCSIS TLVs (Peak Traffic Rate, T4 timeout multiplier, diplexer band edge, full duplex descriptor, …)
  • CM-Status messages are now correctly decoded.
  • Indication of encrypted payload in Info column.
  • Fixed wrongly dissected REG-REQ-MP.
  • Add missing decoding of many DOCSIS 3.1 TLVs.
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