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Using Acrobat reader XI, you can get an error message saying there is an error displaying a page.
Installing Acrobat reader DC solves this.

On a windows7 64-bit machine, there is a known issue in the 1.6.0 and later versions with the post-installer step that occasionally fails to create the executable.

UPDATE: The problem has been seen also with the 2.0.0 version. It's related to the rights of the folder from which the installer is run. Running it from e.g. C:/ gives the problem, even when it's ran as Adminstrator, while executing the same installer from the default user's Downloads folder (C:/Users/<username>/Downloads) works ok.

If that still would fail:

You can still run the ConfigFileEditor by executing java -jar jar/coupe.jar from the install directory or doubleclick the coupe.jar executable jar located in the jar subfolder of the install directory.


Using Windows, if saving a new MIB to the database fails, you typically get an error popup stating " .... (Access is denied)".

This is because the MIB database (MIBS.INI file) is located in the install directory, typically C:\Program Files\...

If you are a regular user (non-administrator), you don't have write access to that directory, hence the "Access is denied" error.

Two solutions:

  1. Run the program as an administrator. Right-click the desktop shortcut, and select "Run as administrator"
  2. Install the program in a non-default location where you have write access as a user (e.g. D:\)

Note that this issue also holds true for saving config files into system directories.

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