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The downloads for windows/macOS/Linux are found at following location: 

For Android and iOS you will find the apps in the app stores.

Changelog 2.16.0 (2022-04-11)

New features


  • Allows the user to select the specfic interface of interest → Gives more control

           → This can be configured in the settings window accessible from the registration window.

Bugs fixed

  • UI: Moved the MeetingPoint address up, so it doesn't get hidden by the on screen keyboard.

You can find the detailed installation instructions in our How to: Install the Wireless Endpoint on your device.

Changelog for ByteBlower Endpoint 2.19

The ByteBlower Endpoint can be downloaded through our setup pages: 

For Android, iOS and iPadOS, the app is also available through their respective app stores.

Changelog 2.19.0 (20/10/2022)


The ByteBlower Endpoint can now be stopped from the ByteBlower GUI and the ByteBlower API.  
This feature allows the user to stop the ByteBlower Endpoint from the GUI the way it was already possible to stop a ByteBlower Port mid-test.  This new addition can be particularly useful if a longer duration test has been configured and needs to be terminated for any reason.

This feature requires a ByteBlower Server updated to ByteBlower 2.19.0 and a ByteBlower GUI on version 2.19.0.

New features

  • The ByteBlower Endpoint can now continue communicating with the ByteBlower MeetingPoint during the test.  When enabled, this allows the user to stop the ByteBlower Endpoint through the ByteBlower API or the ByteBlower GUI when running a test.  A future use-case for this continuous communication is getting real-time results while the ByteBlower Endpoint test is running.
  • Allowing the ByteBlower Endpoint to receive a stop command through the API.  Stopping the ByteBlower Endpoint through the API triggers the same behaviour as hitting the "Abort" button on the ByteBlower Endpoint user interface.
  • Allowing the user to configure a dedicated management interface.  This interface will be used for all communication with the ByteBlower MeetingPoint and allows out-of-band communication with the ByteBlower MeetingPoint.


  • The ByteBlower Endpoint settings are now available through the very recognizable cog-wheel on the top-right of the start page. 
  • The MeetingPoint information on the main page is now provided when available, no need to hit that Refresh link anymore.
  • Adding support for Debian 11 (Bullseye) and Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy) as a platform to run the ByteBlower Endpoint on.

Bug Fixes

  • When using a dedicated traffic interface or dedicated management interface, the ByteBlower Endpoint could use the wrong local IPv6 address to reach the other side. 

Older versions

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