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ByteBlower GUI 2.14.0
Posted by Mathieu Strubbe on 23 November 2021 10:45 PM
ByteBlower GUI version 2.14.0 has been released.
This version brings you the GUI for Windows 64-bit!
The biggest benefit is that the GUI can now access much more of the available memory.
You can now build bigger projects and generate bigger reports.
You may also notice that starting the GUI is a little quicker than before.

Here you can read the complete changelog.
We hope you'll enjoy our latest release!

With best regards,
The ByteBlower Team

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Armistice Day
Posted by Vincent De Maertelaere on 10 November 2021 12:12 PM

November 11 is a public holiday in Belgium, therefore Excentis will be closed.

Any support cases will be answered the next business day, which is Friday November 12th, 2021

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XRA-31 Version 5.2
Posted by Dieter Dobbelaere on 08 November 2021 01:16 PM

We are very excited to announce this release of the XRA-31 system!

This version extends capture filtering capabilities to further reduce the size of capture files and facilitate faster analysis of your DOCSIS networks. Moreover, all core software components (Debian GNU/Linux, Wireshark) are upgraded to their latest stable upstream versions.

Furthermore this release has several stability and bug fixes. Details can be found in the full changelog (please log in to view it).

We strongly advise

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November holidays in Belgium
Posted by Vincent De Maertelaere on 29 October 2021 01:08 PM

November has 2 public holidays in Belgium:

  • November 1st: All Saints day
  • November 11th: Armistice day

Since these are 2 official holidays in Belgium, support will be limited.  Any support questions popping up will be processed next business day.

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Delayed support on Friday 8th of October
Posted by Pieter Vandercammen on 05 October 2021 05:38 PM

Next Friday (8th of October) the ByteBlower team is on team building, a first since the COVID pandemic. In addition, IT takes the opportunity to perform general maintenance.

We don't expect issues, but there might be a couple glitches. Responses will be delayed: we'll catch up to your questions on

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ByteBlower GUI 2.13.0: More info, less bytes in ByteBlower Captures
Posted by Pieter Vandercammen on 27 September 2021 10:40 AM
More info, less bytes in ByteBlower Captures We are delighted that in this new release of ByteBlower GUI v2.13 the PCAP capture has been improved! This allows you to easily collect relevant network traffic.
The new features allow you to:
  • Filter traffic easily, keeping only the interesting packets
  • Truncate packets to the headers that matter
UKxdo6aMOyoAAAAASUVORK5CYII=  Changelog 2.13.0 Bug fixes
  • String sanitizing when creating the report filename from the scenario name. Could have caused an error resulting

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