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ByteBlower Version 2.6 released!
Posted by Tom Ghyselinck on 21 April 2017 10:17 AM

With some delay, we made the ByteBlower 2.6.2 release available to you. Please enjoy!

Springtime is the perfect moment for new ideas and innovative approaches. For us, it’s the perfect time to proudly show the result of our work of the last couple of

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ByteBlower version 2.4 released!
Posted by Dries Decock on 02 June 2016 03:05 PM

We are happy to announce the availability of ByteBlower version 2.4. Already this is the second major release of 2016. It includes dozens of user interface improvements, enhanced reporting functionality and significant performance gains. The new TCP stats and graphs are a particularly visible and useful improvement, we look forward to your feedback and suggestions!

It contains:

  • ByteBlower

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ByteBlower version 2.1 released
Posted by Dries Decock on 10 July 2015 09:47 PM

We are happy to announce the availability of ByteBlower version 2.1. This brand new release enhances the GUI 2.0 experience with improved NAT reporting, additional TCP parameters and performance improvements and brings the Tcl API to the 2.x world for the first time! The ByteBlower API has grown as a traffic test platform for the past 10 years and by bringing it to the new platform, we've given it the attention it deserves. Even though most of the API is strictly backwards compatible, we

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ByteBlower 2.0 release!
Posted by Tim De Backer on 10 December 2014 01:41 PM

We are proud to announce the immediate release of our new ByteBlower 2.0!

This major release brings highly anticipated features to ByteBlower and prepares our platform for the future.


The ByteBlower 2.0 release brings important features, which required rewriting key parts of both the ByteBlower GUI and Server. These include:

  • a realtime result view in

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