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XRA-31 Version 3.0: A-TDMA (up to 8 channels)
Posted by Tom Ghyselinck on 11 June 2019 04:07 PM

With added A-TDMA support, this release supports real-time demodulation and capturing of 1 OFDM, 1 OFDMA, 24 downstream SC-QAM and 8 A-TDMA channels simultaneously!

This release also brings you small improvements and bug fixes, which include:


  • Added continuous synchronization of upstream channels with downstream channels.
  • Added continuous automatic gain control adjustments to reach the optimal input power level for upstream channels.
  • IUC is now also included in the XRA header of OFDMA initial and fine ranging packets. This allows easier filtering.
  • Some WebAdmin (GUI) user experience improvements such as better defaults and button locations to allow faster configuration editing.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed several bugs related to incorrect timestamps of captured downstream SC-QAM packets in case no OFDM channel is present.
  • Fixed incorrect reporting of "Reed-Solomon Decoding Successful" (xra.tlv.cw_info.rs_decoding_successful) in XRA header in capture file.
  • Fixed issues with multi-user access to WebAdmin (GUI).

Changelog and downloads

We strongly advise our customers to update to this release.

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