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Important ByteBlower WEP upgrade
Posted by Dries Decock on 16 July 2019 10:02 PM

Version 2.10.2 of the Wireless Endpoints is an important bugfix. We received reports on low performance on the Samsung Galaxy S8. Research showed bad performance, most noticeable in combination with Android 8. One of the system calls did not behave as expected and is behaving on the other platforms. This method was introduced in version 1.1.24.

This forced us to rewrite the core logic for traffic reception and transmission, which required several iterations of development and testing. We now released this new version which can show some performance gain on other platforms too.

We also introduced on overview of the measured performance on our reference setup. This is a good indication of the performance which can be expected and functions as a regression test at the same time. This overview can be found here:

A second fix resolves an issue in the TCP restart implementation. In some cases, the restart failed if the Wireless Endpoint was the initiating side of the TCP connection.

We strongly advice all customers to upgrade both the server and Wireless Endpoint to the latest version.

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