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XRA-31 Version 3.1
Posted by Dieter Dobbelaere on 05 November 2019 10:33 AM

Excentis is happy to announce the new version of the XRA-31!

The system now supports the use of a downstream SC-QAM channel as reference.
This allows you to capture upstream traffic (both A-TDMA and OFDMA) in absence of an OFDM channel, extending the debugging capabilities of the XRA-31 to an even wider range of DOCSIS 3.0/3.1 setups.

Moreover, the new "rolling file capture" functionality allows you to capture continuously to a ring buffer of files (without being limited by disk capacity).
This facilitates the effective analysis of rare events.

Rolling file capture in action (10 files, 10 MB file size limit), with SC-QAM 1 used as reference channel:

Furthermore this release has several new improvements and bug fixes, which include:


  • Improved capture and channel status reporting in status panel.
  • The capture page is now also continuously updated in read-only mode.
  • Consistently use 1024 (instead of 1000) for all byte-related calculations and reported file sizes and capture rates, in line with the convention used in most operating systems.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed critical bug in embedded software that prevented downstream SC-QAM annex B channels from locking under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed critical bug in OFDM codeword stream processor that resulted in daemon crash.
  • Copy-down modulation button for downstream SC-QAM configuration now properly copies the value to the rows below (and not to all rows).

Changelog and downloads

We strongly advise our customers to update to this release.

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