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2.11 ByteBlower Updates
Posted by Pieter Vandercammen on 10 February 2020 03:03 PM

Good news everyone! Today we've released updates for the ByteBlower GUI , Server, MeetingPoint and API.

Although it are all minor version bumps, this doesn't mean the changes are insignificant. Most of them are driven by requests coming from you all through our support portal.

As the whole list of changes is more than 30 items long, let's focus on some of the highlights:

  • Android 10 is now officially supported for the Wireless Endpoints
  • A ByteBlower port will now use DHCP unicast by default, which is more realistic behavior.
  • Extra info fields in the ByteBlower GUI reports      

 Interested in the full changelogs?

Want to upgrade right away?

  • The ByteBlower GUI:
    The GUI will check for updates when started. You can trigger this manually from the Help menu. Of course, you can also download the latest installer from the setup-pages.

  • The ByteBlower Server:
    Either from the GUI or by the traditional upgrade process both are explained here.

  • The ByteBlower API (Tcl or Python):
    Just grab them from our support pages.      

Of course this release isn't the sole thing we've been working on. You'll hear more news on 100Gbit and Web Video shortly.

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