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XRA-31 Version 4.0
Posted by Dieter Dobbelaere on 09 March 2020 01:27 PM

Excentis is happy to announce a new version of the XRA-31!

This is the first release with official Python API/CLI support.
Installation is as easy as running pip3 install excentis-xra31.
For more information, check out

Moreover, the system now supports up to two OFDMA channels.
Faster and more scalable OFDMA locking (with up to hundreds of online CMs) is another notable enhancement.

Furthermore this release has several other enhancements and fixes, which can be found in the full changelog (please log in to view it).

We strongly advise our customers to update to this release.

Version 4.0 in action (CLI commands are used to control the XRA-31):

Version 4.0 in action

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