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New Features for Wireless Endpoint Users
Posted by Craig Godbold on 10 May 2022 02:08 PM

Great news for ByteBlower users who are currently using or plan to use our Wireless Endpoint application: We have just released new versions of the ByteBlower GUI (2.16.4) and the WEP (2.16) which have improved features for configuring tests and results reporting.

In ByteBlower GUI 2.16.4, we have now included RSSI/SSID/BSSID measurements, and these are now a standard feature of the ByteBlower report whenever a test includes a WEP device.



This allows you to get a fast and comprehensive view on the signal strength of your Wi-Fi router or access point as well as the details of the connection (BSSID/SSID) which is a significant benefit to the user’s testing capabilities. More information can be seen in this knowledge base article

The second new feature allows the WEP application to select specific traffic interfaces of interest when creating a test. This gives you much more control of the device under test. In fact, these two features work well together.


Let’s say you wish to use a particular Network interface (NIC) and you select this interface in the WEP, then you will also get RSSI stats from only this NIC.

This will give the user certainty that the test is being run correctly using only the desired interfaces as well as removing unnecessary clutter in the reporting process. This is a particular benefit when running long duration tests with multiple WEP devices as it will significantly reduce the resources required to generate the results.

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