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ByteBlower GUI 2.18.0
Posted by Mathieu Strubbe on 18 July 2022 11:29 AM

Dear Excentis Customers,

We have just released the latest version of the ByteBlower GUI 2.18.0 and we have a couple of big announcements.

1) ByteBlower GUI 2.18 has a great new feature! -  Real-time Results Monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana.

The ByteBlower GUI has always given real-time results, however for longer duration tests this is not practical, and it is usually necessary to wait until the test has finished to be able to see any meaningful results.

Monitoring live test-results is a large benefit to endurance tests. This version of the ByteBlower GUI makes the results of the real-time view available for other dedicated tools like Prometheus and Grafana. This allows you to

  • Run longer tests, including multi-day test runs.
  • Add more flows to a scenario since many of the CPU-intensive tasks are delegated to dedicated tools.

After a simple initial configuration, you will able to create dashboards that can monitor your real-time results.

Here are some example dashboards:

  •  The first dashboard has three charts - One for flow throughput, one for the total throughput and a current-rate gauge for total throughput.

  •  The second dashboard has charts for minimum, maximum, and average latency plus one for jitter.


Grafana allows for many possiblities when creating your own dashboards.

If you would like to learn more, please check out the following references:

2) 32-bit versions of the ByteBlower GUI have been deprecated.

  • The core software libraries for these platforms are defunct and have gone out of date. This is causing conflicts with the other platforms and will raise security concerns in the future.

In addition to the real-time results monitoring, some further enhancements have been made to the GUI

  • Project Properties can now be specified on a new location. Have a look under Menu > File > Project Properties. Previously, these properties were integrated in the Preferences, and it was not clear enough that these properties were part of the current ByteBlower Project.

  • You can now disable graphs with results over time in the reports.