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ByteBlower 2.0 release!
Posted by Tim De Backer on 10 December 2014 01:41 PM

We are proud to announce the immediate release of our new ByteBlower 2.0!

This major release brings highly anticipated features to ByteBlower and prepares our platform for the future.


The ByteBlower 2.0 release brings important features, which required rewriting key parts of both the ByteBlower GUI and Server. These include:

  • a realtime result view in the GUI, which shows you important information and live flow results while you GUI test is running;
  • a new reporting engine which provides a modern restyling, enhanced capabilities and room for future customization;
  • GUI reports that contain result over time charts for things like flow throughput;
  • a redesigned server environment which allows you to update, downgrade or receive support with greater ease;
  • and new implementations for key components of our server software, to make it ready for the 4100, our first 10Gb ByteBlower!


The ByteBlower 2.0 release contains:

  • GUI 2.0, whose installer can be downloaded here.
  • Server 2.0 environment, whose ISO image can be downloaded here.

Other components, such as the ByteBlower Tcl API and the ByteBlower CLT, will be released shortly, in a 2.1 release.


It is not possible to update from a 1.x GUI to a 2.x GUI or from a 1.x server environment to a 2.x server environment. Both require a fresh installation.

The GUI 2.0 installers can be easily downloaded and installed from this portal, in the same way as the GUI 1.x releases. We made sure GUI 1.x and GUI 2.x installations can coexist on a single client device without a problem!

The 2.x server environment must be installed on your server(s) from a bootable CD-ROM or USB stick. The download page guides you through the whole process in detail.

The new 2.x server environment is a major leap forward for updating and reverting your system. For example, the latest 1.x server software (1.10.22) will also be available on the new server environment. You can switch between server software versions from the ByteBlower update environment.

All these measures will allow you to take advantage of our new features without fear of being locked into a major upgrade.


ByteBlower 2.0 components (GUI, API or server) will not be able to communicate with their 1.x counterparts. However, they will be able to detect one another. For this purpose, we have released a GUI 1.8.34 1.8.36 (edit: original version recalled due to bug), which can be downloaded here or retrieved through the (1.x) automatic update mechanism.

The following combinations are possible:

Server environment 1.0 2.0 2.0
GUI / Server 1.10.20 1.10.22 > 2.0.0
1.8.32 OK OK X
1.8.36 OK OK X
2.0.0 X X OK

A ByteBlower running 1.x server software listens to incoming requests on TCP port 9001 of the management interface. The 2.x server software uses a different communication technology and listens on TCP port 9002 instead. Make sure your ByteBlower server is accessable over the network on those ports.


Even in this major release, we stay true to our pledge of maximum backwards compatibility. Existing 1.x GUI projects can be loaded in a 2.x GUI and are seamlessly converted to the new project format.

However, as with earlier 1.x releases, the opposite is not true. Once a project has been loaded into a 2.x GUI, it cannot be opened into a 1.x GUI anymore!

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