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ByteBlower version 2.1 released
Posted by Dries Decock on 10 July 2015 09:47 PM

We are happy to announce the availability of ByteBlower version 2.1. This brand new release enhances the GUI 2.0 experience with improved NAT reporting, additional TCP parameters and performance improvements and brings the Tcl API to the 2.x world for the first time! The ByteBlower API has grown as a traffic test platform for the past 10 years and by bringing it to the new platform, we've given it the attention it deserves. Even though most of the API is strictly backwards compatible, we have redesigned select parts where the old interface was hindering flexible usage and the possibility of rolling out new features. Wherever the API has change, we provide extensive documentation to ease the transition. And of course we're always there to assist!

It contains:


Have a look at this movie to see the new GUI in action.

It is also important to note that the new server release requires at least GUI version 2.1. This is also the reason GUI 2.1 is not yet available as an automatic GUI update. We want to allow our users to upgrade the server when this fits best. On September 1st, we will make this GUI version available as an automatic update. Customers which choose to stay at version 2.0, can ignore the update during boot or disable automatic updates in the preferences.

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