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XRA-31 Version 2.0 released
Posted by Tom Ghyselinck on 13 November 2018 03:22 PM
Excentis is happy to announce the new version of the XRA-31!

Downstream SC-QAM

This new major release comes with downstream SC-QAM support!

You can now configure up to 24 downstream SC-QAM channels.
Both (US) DOCSIS and EuroDOCSIS are supported with 64-QAM or 256-QAM modulation.

You can capture up to 1 OFDM channel, 1 OFDMA channel and 24 downstream SC-QAM channels simultaneously and synchronously with nanosecond resolution, as all packets are hardware timestamped using the same reference OFDM channel clock!

Improved GUI design

Channel Configuration

The new table edit mode for downstream and upstream channels allows the user to configure the system even faster than before!

New and improved ease-of-use additions help the user to set up a large number of channels:

  • Add "copy-down" and "copy-down with value increment"
  • Sorting in all relevant table columns
  • Even more easy access to the context help!

New Status Panel

The new collapsible status panel provides a quick overview of the complete status of the system.

It contains information about the capture process, physical connectors and configured channels.

  • Status icon and detail message box show more extended information on the status including suggestions for changes on physical setup.
  • Physical Connector status information is now separated from the DOCSIS Channel status information.

Revised real-time capture filtering

More granular selection and filtering possibilities with the new capture configuration.

In addition to channel selection, there is filtering based on specific channel content and packet types!

This release also brings you several small improvements and bug fixes.


  • You can now capture OFDMA bandwidth request (REQ) messages
  • WebAdmin (GUI): Improved browser compatibility
  • Slightly improved capture performance
  • Optimized CRC/HCS checks
  • Improved overall user input validation and error handling

Bug fixes

  • Upstream synchronization no longer fails in certain downstream channel bonding configurations.
  • Minor bug fixes in hardware, system and services

Changelog and downloads

We strongly advise our customers to update to this release.

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