Adding the endpoint to the GUI

Create a new project

When you open the ByteBlower GUI, the first task is to begin a new project.

 Go to 'File' → 'New' → Insert 'Project Name' → 'Author' is the name that appears in the ByteBlower report (optional) → click 'Finish'.



 You will then arrive at the main page in the GUI where you can add your wireless device(s) 

Creating the ports

The next step is to create some ports. The ports you create in the GUI represent the devices in the system under test. It is possible to create very complex tests with many ports corresponding to devices and servers. In this first instance, we will keep it simple!

In this demonstration we will create:

  • 1 port that represents a 'server'
  • 1 port for the wireless device under test (the Windows laptop)                            

We are going to simulate downstream traffic from the serverwireless endpoint.

  • Go to 'New' and add two ports.
  • The ports will be given the default names 'Port 1' and 'Port 2' → You can change the names to make it clear what they represent.
  • The port that represents the server → Change the configuration (left click on 'fixed') to DHCP.
  • You will see at the bottom right (orange box) of the display that the ports you have created are NOT connected at this moment.
  • Whenever ports are not connected you will see red text and also a small red cross × next to the ports.
  • In order to connect the ports → Click and drag them to a ByteBlower server interface (bottom right).
  • For our test, we will connect
    1. The 'Server' port to interface 2 - Nontrunk
    2. The wireless device port to the corresponding device in the wireless server interface.
Create and dock



Place your server port on the non-trunk interface

Place the designated wireless device port here  


You should now see the following:                           

 Now your ports are docked correctly, the next step is to create your test.

Interface types

When you look at your ByteBlower server you will see it is listed twice. There is a wired connection (red box) and a wireless (green box) connection.

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