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XRA-31 Version 1.1.2 released
Posted by Tom Ghyselinck on 05 June 2018 02:10 PM

Excentis is happy to announce the new version of the XRA-31!

This release brings you small improvements and bug fixes, which include:


  • Customer information (i.e. system serial number) is now available on the WebAdmin System page.
  • Added UCD reassembly in Wireshark

Bug fixes

  • Fixed selection of OFDMA channels when more than one is available.
  • No longer invalidating the lock status for all OFDM profiles when
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XRA-31 now in official Wireshark 2.6!
Posted by Tom Ghyselinck on 09 May 2018 03:00 PM

The XRA-31 team is proud to announce that the support for its XRA-31 is now integrated in Wireshark 2.6.0.

You can now download Wireshark from the official site and enjoy analyzing your XRA-31 captures!

Changelog and downloads

XRA-31 Version 1.1 released
Posted by Tom Ghyselinck on 19 April 2018 03:14 PM
Excentis is happy to announce the new version of the XRA-31!

New features

  • Capture when an OFDM channel has no lock or PLC-only lock.
  • Capture OFDM channels with incomplete or invalid PLC content.
  • The PLC MER is now available.

Changelog and downloads

ByteBlower Version 2.8.0 released
Posted by Wouter Debie on 24 January 2018 08:49 AM

Excentis is setting the tone for 2018 with a new release: version 2.8 of our popular ByteBlower tool is ready to make IP testing faster and simpler than it already was!

In with the new
We’re on a constant quest to make ByteBlower® more intuitive to deploy. So, we’ve added a range of new, practical features to the latest ByteBlower version. Your benefits? Faster and simpler testing:

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ByteBlower 2.7.8 released
Posted by Wouter Debie on 29 November 2017 01:44 PM

We are happy to announce the availability of ByteBlower Server version 2.7.8, ByteBlower GUI version 2.7.6. This is a minor release bringing bug fixes for the server and GUI.


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