Running multiple GUI instances.


The ByteBlower GUI can run multiple times on the same machine. This page lists a couple of the caveats.


Since v2.18, the ByteBlower GUI exports the real-time status for Prometheus and other tools. This exporter requires a unique TCP port, default port 8123. This server is available on http://localhost:8123.

Enabling multiple exporters on the same machine is possible by selecting free TCP ports in the Preferences. The exporter restarts with this new TCP port immediately after using 'Apply and Close'.

Archive view

The archive view collects all past test runs, their reports, and a copy of the ByteBlower project (recent only). The GUI saves this list in the home folder of the user. (~/byteblower).

Multiple ByteBlower GUIs can use this folder simultaneously, in such cases the Archive view might become outdated. Restarting the ByteBlower GUI is sufficient to refresh the last test runs.

If the folder is missing, the ByteBlower GUI recreates the folder structure automatically.