Log in to the XRA System


The XRA has a Linux desktop environment that's available for end users. There are several ways to access it, all described below.
The default credentials are available upon request from support (support.xra@excentis.com).

Using keyboard and mouse

Connect a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to their respective VGA and USB ports.

Once the system is booted, you can log in.


From the IPMI/BMC web-interface, the same desktop environment can be accessed.

Using your favourite web browser, browse to the IP address of the IPMI interface (left-most RJ45 port) and:

  • log in (default password on the top-left of the chassis)
  • go to "Remote Control > iKVM/HTML5"​
  • click "iKVM/HTML5"

A new window will open that duplicates the screen and inputs of the method above.

Using SSH

The XRA can also be reached using SSH (port 22).

Using any of the above techniques to log in first, the IP-address can be set or found following the steps in 📄 Configuring the XRA Management IP Address.

Alternatively, the command

ip address show

can be used on a terminal from any of the above interfaces.