Wireless Device not Recognized 

Cannot Connect Port

Depending on the wireless device you are using, there can sometimes be an issue when docking the port assigned as the wireless device. This can happen due to the device having more than one IP address.

In the following example, an iPhone has been added to the test. However, after following the same procedure as for the laptop, no throughput is received at the destination. In order to fix this:

  • Enable the Network Address Translation (NAT) function.
  • Set NAT → Yes

  • After creating the test parameters again from step 3 and running the test, you should now see that the wireless device receives the throughput.

Check the Hardware
  • Check to see if the cables are well connected. There are lights on the server and switches to provide a visual indication of a proper connection.

Refresh the Server
  • In order to ensure that everything is connected correctly, it is a good idea to refresh the server.