Configure the management IP address


By default, the ByteBlower Sever will use DHCP to get its management IP. In some lab environments this is not wanted. This page explains how you can configure a fixed IP on the management interface.

All this configuration is done by using our ByteBlower-Configurator tool on the server.

Start the configurator

Dismiss the welcome-screen

Go to System Configuration

Network Configuration

Select the management interface that you want to change. In most cases it will be Interface man0

In "Review the interface configuration" you can see its current configuration. We want to change this to a static IP. Select Connectivity to change the configuration

Provide all the needed information. IPv6 is optional.

Everything is configured. Use the TAB key to select <OK>. Select < Back > to go all the way back to the Main menu

Save and Exit

Now save and exit to apply the configuration:

Expert: Releasing the DHCP unique identifier

The DHCP server and client recognize each other based on the DUID. This value stays fixed across reboots and tends to ensure that the same devices get the same IP addresses each time. On rare occasions, one might want to clear this association.

Clearing the DUID is a manual action and differs between ByteBlower systems. The type can be determined with 

lsb_release -a 

In case of doubt, do contact support.

On the Debian-based systems, clearing is done as follows:

echo UNINITIALIZED > /var/lib/dbus/machine-id
echo UNINITIALIZED > /etc/machine-id

For the older, Excentux based systems, the following commands are required:

mkdir -p /tmp/images
mkdir -p /tmp/config
mount /dev/disk/by-label/IMAGES /tmp/images
mount /tmp/images/config.img /tmp/config
cd /tmp/config
rm dhcpcd*