L4S Testing with ByteBlower GUI

A step-by-step guide on how to test L4S using ByteBlower GUI


Welcome to our tutorial on testing L4S with ByteBlower GUI! In this tutorial, we'll walk you through testing L4S using the efficient ByteBlower tool. You can conduct L4S testing on any access network with ByteBlower. 

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Before you begin, ensure you're using the following versions:

or download the latest version here: ByteBlower Setup. See what's new in the latest ByteBlower 2.22 release here: ByteBlower 2.22 Changelog

If you're using ByteBlower Endpoint, enable L4S on your device's operating system as it's not yet enabled by default on most systems. Check out how to enable L4S on different operating systems: Enabling L4S in Different Operating Systems

Let's get started! Follow the Video tutorial or step-by-step guide below.


Download ByteBlower Project File used in the video here →  

Download ByteBlower Test Report used in the video here → 

Step 1

Set up your ByteBlower project. For more information on how to setup a ByteBlower test, refer to the ByteBlower KnowledgeBase for detailed instructions: Setting up a Test 

Step 2

While setting up the test, ensure L4S is enabled for the desired flows. To do that, navigate to the "TCP" tab and select "Yes" in the L4S column for the flows you want to enable L4S.

L4S enabling in ByteBlower GUI

Step 3

Run the test.

Step 4

After receiving the report, navigate to the L4S-enabled flow. Check for ECN markings in blue, indicating congestion. If there's a warning symbol, it may signify failed L4S negotiation. Refer to the info section in the report for details on why the negotiation failed.

ECN markings indicating congestion in ByteBlower L4S testing report


Testing L4S with ByteBlower is straightforward. For any questions or assistance, contact our support team.

We hope you found the tutorial helpful. 

Happy testing! 

❤️ Excentis

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